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Gift Voucher for Face Rejuvenation Massage

with FREE 1 months supply of Ayurvedic Face Mask worth £32.

Total Cost £65

AYURVEDIC FACE MASK – Click for More Details
This mask has been used in our family for generations, an amazing formula developed in India. Using all natural ingredients, with sandalwood being the key restorer.
The mask enhances the purifying elements to the skin, cleansing the pores, whilst eliminating toxins from the skins surface. Tones, tightens and brings a natural glow to the face.
Recommended use is once a week for a supple, youthful skin. This is also a fantastic facial scrub that enhances your natural beauty. Mix ingredients with yoghurt or lemon according to skin type and desired effect. Can be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

"Feel your skin breathe naturally again".

"I love Kirti's facials! A hand mixed face pack, personalised to you, starts the treatment which is extraordinarily relaxing as well as extremely effective. I always feel that my skin is firmer and smoother after a treatment and can't wait for the next one." BD - LONDON

The treatment uses all natural ingredients to cleanse, tone and massage the face.
This is a unique method that over a period of time and regular application can sculpt the face to regain its natural definition and fullness of skin tone.
It improves the circulation of blood flow to the face, restoring harmony and balance so the face is stress free.
A relaxing and calming treatment that invigorates and activates all the muscles of the face.

"Feel your skin breathe naturally again".

"My skin has never felt so soft and fresh , this face massage and face mask is FAR better than any others I have tried on the market ....Kirti has the magic touch " GC - LONDON


Ayurvedic facial rejuvinationReflexology
Indian head massageBack realignment
Aromatherapy massageEnergy balancing/healing
Deep tissue massagePregnancy massage

kirti mistry has been working in the field of holistic therapies since 1994. She specializes in deep tissue massage and back realignment. Kirti has developed her own method of releasing emotional blockages stored within the body, by using a combination of, aromatherapy oils, deep tissue massage and energy healing.
Her unique therapy also uses colour, crystals and a specialized form of massage to balance the energy centres therefore restoring a deep sense of harmony within the body.
Her treatments help to resolve deep seated emotional issues that have resulted in a physical disharmony.


"Kirtiís Indian Head Massage was incredible, just 30 minutes and I could feel my head and ears tingling and itís brilliant for those knots of tension in the back of your head."
The Gloria Hunniford Show, October 2001

"Following severe back and hip pain and hospital treatment, I have found kirtis therapies Ė hot/cold stones, refl exology etc... incredibly beneficial. She has a great deal of sensitivity and shows empathy in her treatments.."
J.R., City Company Director

"I have found your treatments to be really excellent and they have produced a fundamental change for the better in how I feel. You have an intuitive ability to get in deeply to the heart of the problem, even with chronic symptoms, bring both immediate and longer term improvement. In particular, the refl exology sessions were among the very best I have had anywhere..."
C.C., City Analyst